If the walls could talk and sing….MICHELLE LOUGHERY LEGACY PROJECTS

During the years of 1999 and 2004, although I had painted murals in my home town and other area, at this time I worked predominantly with the Downtown Vernon Association creating the series of Heritage Murals. The key plan was the concept of making all the murals cohesive with one artist and to bring the youth training concept that I used in my home town to build a social and safety component to the downtown.

During that time I was awarded a contract to paint murals along the ROUTE 66 Highways and while painting in Cuba, Missouri the North American AR:T ROUTE idea was born. The heart of this concept was imagined while painting the murals with the youth downtown. Seeing the eager faces engage and witnessing the community coming to the walls in support and inclusion struck a past a present cord. But I could never imagine then that a new a new movement being born. How to take a thematic revitalization and paint the canvas of huge walls to a social and tourism legacy.

During this time it was the leadership of many community minded women that pushed the project to the global youth community training model that mural projects everywhere are today. I see the faces of the women who pushed for funding, permits, healing and to bring a group of unique misfit creatives into an orchestra of an emerging canvas that still is relevant today, decades later. Follow me as I gift my mother with this story. This book of the wall. Walls today are just the modern cave walls that unite all of us as indigenous teachers from around the globe. Modern cave painters that helped heal and teach youth and communities to hold hands across the highways. Now this part is the painted campfire. The stories of all the painted people that touched my life and walls.

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