Cache Creek ~ Code Blue 

Eyes & Voices of Our Blue Corridors


Narrative by Lorrie Fleming ~ February 02, 2020

    The Blue Team is wholeheartedly defined as “Art-in-Motion”!  Sparked by joined hearts, mutual respect and helping hands forming a pillar bound by a desire to connect the images of public art laced tightly into a ‘hand-to-land’ platform.  Sourced by ‘A Mother Road’ a continual linear community is wrapped within a colorful ribbon of connective routes whereby true stories vividly ‘come-to-life’.  

     Together, with passionate eyes, succinct voices and willing hearts, our history speaks though a portal of the ages.  Multi-cultural & ancestral storytellers collectively convey their truths, trials & tribulations that remain permanently & deeply etched into the walls of time.  This canvass is our window into the vibrant vestiges of humankind and reflects the shear survival engrained in the shadows hidden within each linear community along a uniquely ‘Blue Lifeline’. 

    In reference to survival, the township of Cache Creek speaks volumes as “a little town that remained on the map”!  Despite being bypassed by the expressway of the Coquihalla Highway, Cache Creek is uniquely situated along the original Trans Canada Corridor and poised as a pivotal place of entry for a rebirth of ‘time travel’ and a Centerpiece for the Arts.  Cache Creek, a gateway gem, is a community reminiscent of so many townsites spread along Route 66 that were reduced to ‘ghosts’ as victims bypassed by freeways. Chemainus on Vancouver Island successfully fostered a new vision as an ‘Art City’ in the advent of a decline in forestry.  Sparwood and Vernon BC reinvented themselves through art in action; Cuba, Missouri in the heart of Route 66 reinvented itself as a “Mural City” brilliantly kick-started by our homegrown Canadian Superstar, Michelle Loughery!

…Here at home in B.C., Cache Creek, nestled along the banks of the Bonaparte River and a tributary of the Historic Hat Creek, is positioned as a hot spot to showcase, spotlight and reflect on ‘the people of the walls’.  Trust in the “painted people”; and shine a beacon upon the kinfolk and their leaders as a teaching mechanism spoken in a language understood equally for those reflected.  On that platform, we welcome the citizens of the Gold Country Region and the Explore Gold Country office and gals in Cache Creek to partner with our “Blue Team” to get on board the first launch of a regional pilot program to procure a new ‘Alternate’ direction for the people to follow at this ‘Juncture for the Arts’. TAKE THE ART ROUTE..not the alt route.

The brush strokes of the highways transform the storytellers’ images into a kaleidoscope of life that ‘appears-as-it-moves’ and evolves as an alternate route of time travel in a melody of murals {as with words of a song} to create the harmony within a pyramid known as Art Route Blue (Canada) BORDERLESS BLUE…

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