ARTIST Michelle Loughery BC AR:T ROUTE BLUE Michelle Loughery Art

ART IN 2019

There is much to plant and dig in the dirt, when all your heart wants to do is create art, but your voices in your head have another plan. Insert laughing and funny looks of the description of the voices. Yes this highway project has taken much energy and late night sleeplessness. I beat myself up for the lack of art the last year, as I know when art is fluid, so is the projects you push. But the learning curve of digital and the convincing rural communities of the digital need has been brilliant,sometimes dark coloured charcoal sketches and torn up blue prints, that have nearly taken me out by the knees. Art of community is sometimes just holding on to the vision, that you don’t even realize, that is not yours to finish. From the very first mural I painted the people who have surrounded me, from Chambers, art galleries, museums and city halls. All had one vision. A stronger more resilient community for their families. We all have a path to what the version is, but it is truly all in the space of a true community. The fight for the small funding sources and the lack of true payment for nonprofits, has rendered many women that I was lucky enough to be mentored by frustrated, tired and relentless in the support of a stream of community building still so undervalued. Putting this work on the books, so to speak has been a life work of mine. The countless hours added up on ledgers and with this creative economy named to a thematic digital content stream, allowed to flourish, in what has truly been part of community building for centuries. Was art created in those lost hours and weeks of government calls and lobbying. The grants that were written for no pay, the years of grant rejection, but thanks, we sure like the concept, can we use it calls. This movement is about connection and respect. Respect for the work creatives do in everyday life. In art, in non profit, in ball field building, in race track supporting and in the life between the cities and the systems. There is an economy in that stream. It is always present and always has been a stream for those not following in secondary education, to enter the employment and business worlds. We can bring this power together. As a very wise man taught me many moons ago. This man was the manager of our local Chamber in Sparwood BC. He taught me that if all non profits could come together in a hub and could share equipment and services, they all could bring their concepts to fruition. The grant resources could be shared, and what if we charged for those services. The marketing, the tourism the infrastructure volunteering is a service..Imagine Creative Public works.. we are more than the roads and services of our rural towns. We are the way food tastes, the colour of a sign, the sounds of the streets and the creative businesses we entice to live in our plot of community. So if this year lacked painting, it certainly did not lack art. The art of working to bring a movement into reality …Augmented Reality at best.

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