The mural project is growing so fast they can hardly keep up.
With projects starting and more lined up for the future, the Merritt Walk of Stars Youth Mural Project group was glad to receive another grant from the Human Resources and Skills Development. Approximately $29,000 will help fund two more positions within the group for 25 weeks. The first will be a site manager who will assist Project Manager Michelle Loughery. The second position is that of an administrative assistant and marketer to help out Amber Papou.
“The project is going great,” Loughery explained. “With so much work these two positions will be amazing to have.”
The eight youth involved in the project have been working hard for just over a month. You can see the results of their work on walls all over town. The list of jobs is always growing, this week they got approval to start the Ian Tyson mural so soon they will start on that mural.
Loughery and Papou said one reason for the success is the overwhelming support from the community.
“We have so many sponsors they are too numerous to name,” Loughery said. “They have donated everything from scaffolding to sun screen.”
Papou said with a project like this, one that is helping youth improve their situation, it is especially admirable that the businesses and community is getting involved.
If you are interested in the new positions with the mural project, drop by Community Futures to put in an application. This time there is no age restriction. The applicant must be or have been on employment insurance sometime in the past three years.
“Anyone can apply who has experienced that their barrier to work is a lack of experience,” explained Selena Olson, of HRDC. “The idea is to offer them that experience.”

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